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2.7 Afternoon Tea with Janeen Brian and Cherie Dignam

April 13, 2023 Zanni Louise Season 2 Episode 44
The Sunshine House
2.7 Afternoon Tea with Janeen Brian and Cherie Dignam
Show Notes

In this episode, Zanni chats to Janeen Brian and Cherie Dignam about The Fix-it Princess, published by Walker Books.

Janeen Brian is an award-winning, children’s author and poet with over 100 books published in both trade and educational publishing. She enjoys writing picture books, junior fiction, poetry, novels and non-fiction.

Janeen was the recipient of the 2012 Adelaide Festival of Literature Carclew Fellowship and in 2009 also received a May Gibbs’ Children’s Literature Trust Fellowship.

She loves reading, creating mosaics, aqua-aerobics, Yoga, walking, gardening, travelling, craft work, singing, watching theatre and films and spending time with her family and friends.

Janeen lives in the seaside city of Glenelg, in Adelaide, South Australia with her husband. She has two daughters and four grandchildren.
Cherie Dignam was born in North Dublin, Ireland and now lives in Perth, Western Australia. Cherie originally studied Animation Drawing Studies at Ballyfermot Senior College Dublin before completing her BA Hons in Creative Illustration at Cranfield University in the UK.   

Cherie previously worked in Animation studios in Dublin, working on feature films like All Dogs go to Heaven, Rockadoodle, and A Troll in Central Park. Cherie also freelanced at Aardman Studios, Bristol, just after completing her Arts degree and still enjoys creating 3D objects as part of her drawing process. More recently, she has been illustrating children’s books.

Cherie is an aspiring illustrator who enjoys the challenge of a wide range of subjects. Inspired by lots of things, street life, curious commuters, office oddballs and everyday household items, she enjoys creating weird and engaging characters.

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